Brittany Vasseur

Hi! I’m Brittany Vasseur, and you may know me from my YouTube channel VasseurBeauty. I have been a devoted user of essential oils for almost 10 years. I use them for everything—I diffuse them in my home; I wear them as perfume; I use them in the bath; I keep them in my purse and car for aromatherapy; I use them to make cleaning products; and the list goes on and on.

I was first introduced to essential oils by mom, who gave them to me for years. One day, when I ran out of one of my favorite oils (frankincense), I went online to re-purchase it and I was absolutely shocked by the price tag. I didn’t understand how one little bottle of oil could possibly cost $93! I decided instead to buy a budget-friendly frankincense oil from Amazon. When it arrived I instantly knew that it was inferior quality. It smelled rancid—so bad that I actually had to shower to get the smell off!

This incident sparked my curiosity to learn more about essential oils—how they’re made and why there is such a disparity in price. What I learned is that while the dominant premium-quality essential oil providers do sell a higher quality pure product, many also add substantial markups. The inexpensive essential oil companies, on the other hand, commonly cut their oils with other oils and additives that make them substandard quality and potentially unsafe.

At that point, my mission became clear: to provide premium essential oils at an affordable price. By working directly with hand-selected suppliers from around the world and selling online direct-to-consumer, we are able to cut out the middlemen to offer the highest quality, 100% pure essential oils at an affordable price point.

Another issue that I had with essential oils is that I always found them overwhelming. With so many oils and so many uses for each oil, I would regularly find myself confused about how to use them. So my other goal was to find a way to make essential oils as user-friendly as possible.

My solution was to develop curated DIY essential oil kits that are centered around a clear theme and come with everything you need to get started: essential oils, a carrier oil, DIY accessories, and DIY recipe cards. If you’ve always been curious to try essential oils but never knew where to start, these kits are for you!

Thank you for visiting and for supporting me in my mission to share my passion for essential oils with the world!