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What are essential oils?

Essential oils are highly concentrated plant extracts that come from a variety of plant sources—including fruits, flowers, roots, and leaves— and are used for aromatic and wellness purposes. They are called “essential” because they contain the essence of a plant, including its aromatic and wellness properties.

How do essential oils work?

The sense of smell is powerful—about ten thousand times more powerful than any other sense—and has the ability to affect our emotions. When you inhale an essential oil, its scent travels to the olfactory system, which delivers the aroma directly to the brain’s limbic system, the epicenter of our emotions. The limbic system is, in turn, connected to the pituitary glad and the hypothalamus, which controls the release of hormones that affect your nervous system including stress levels, mood, appetite, and concentration.

How can essential oils be used?

Essential oils can be used in thousands of ways, from relieving stress and elevating your mood, to repelling bugs and creating your own safe household cleaning products. With so many uses and applications, understanding how to use essential oils can sometimes seem overwhelming, which is why we provide custom recipe cards that give you ideas and inspiration for using your oils.

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